I ride the online range to round up stories close to my heart: how animals and humans share our small, blue home floating in space. Science stories get priority, but I’ll post whatever I feel like, animals on TV, in advertising or internet lore.

My name is Irinel Petrescu (say: Erie-nell Pet-Rescue) aka Rena. I teach horses and humans who love horses how to start on a journey of fun, respectful communication. Originally I wanted to teach Olympic riders but now, I find basics intriguing.

The basics of human – animal communication, the scientific principles, are still a mystery. This web-log explores why humans were unable to acknowledge animal intelligence for so long; behavioral science, past and present; how art and anecdote and tradition mesh or clash with psychology; how psychology advances from a soft science to predictive, solid knowledge.

I also need a place to store, index and keyword sources for my own continuing quest into our relations with animals and the environment. This way, I’ll be able to quickly find a source if I make assertions and stand up for them.



One Response to “About”

  1. nancysmoments Says:

    Very nice Rena! I’m so glad you started to write as you have so much to say and pass on your knowledge. 🙂
    Nancy ~

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