The Fake Faux-Fur

Is using real fur cheaper than artificial fur? Faux Fur Pas: Saks, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale’s, and Century 21 Found Guilty of Mislabeling Real Fur Coats as Faux, reports Gawker, quoting the DailyMail Online:

    The fur trim on three Marc by Marc Jacobs jackets contained the fur of raccoon dogs, which are often skinned alive in China. Other garments purchased at Century 21 were found to contain rabbit fur

For a cute photo of a racoon dog and a gut wrenching account of how they are skinned alive, here’s a report from the Animal Blawg. I could not watch the video.
The corporations who import and market and sell garments to us shrug any responsibility. From New York’s

    Century 21 has since issued a statement on its Facebook page, defending itself against the allegations.
    It read: ‘Century 21 does not create garment labels, the manufacturers do. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to provide an accurate account of materials used in the garment and to be transparent with the consumer before his or her purchase.
    ‘We respect the diligence of the The Humane Society of the United States to uphold state and federal laws in regards to garment labeling.’

The Humane Society published its findings here.


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