Science reporter faces scorpion

Let’s pat ourselves on the back, aren’t we science writers terrific! “We are a strange bunch, shy, desperate, ferocious β€” we want you to know what we know, meet who we’ve met,” writes NPR’s Robert Krulwich, reporting on his friend Destin, the one with the scary scorpion on his face.

Amazon tailless scorpion, harmless but scary

Science reporter faces scorpion

This scorpion looks so dangerous, a wizard professor from Harry Potter saw fit to torture one until Hermione stopped him.

tailless whip scorpion, Amazon, amblypigid

Tailless whip scorpion from Amazon, YouTube

Alas, the tailless whip scorpions are completely harmless. Destin, the missile engineer who appears to go by only one name, doesn’t have a death wish, only a youtube channel.

Creepy Critters In Sensitive Places: How Science Reporters Get Your Attention
Robert Krulwich, March 28, 2013, NPR


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