Animal Arithmetic

Kayce Cover’s SATS training quickly introduces animals to counting. For instance, I count 1,2,3, .. when I introduce the dogs or the horses to the duration, to how long they touch a target before they get the Success Signal and we move on to whatever’s next.

Being able to count may be innate to many species, writes Dr. Dolittle in his lifelines blog.

His post brings up a New Scientist photo gallery of animals who have been shown to count and a Scientific American article on the same topic.

Counting Animals, January 18, 2011
Life Lines is a general interest science podcast of The American Physiological Society dedicated to conveying the “phizz” in physiology.

Eight animals that can count, 23 June 2009
Counting is not unique to humans: a huge range of animals understand numbers, from salamanders to honeybees

Behind a pay wall, this:
Animals that count: How numeracy evolved, 23 June 2009, by Ewen Callaway

Counting may be innate in many species
By Michael Tennesen, September 15, 2009


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